Sun, Apr 30, 2017 


The proposal is that we develop this into an INTRANET system for use by Tenants & TA members, and hopefuly the Peabody themselves.

The domain is hosted on servers at - This server facility is located in an ultra-security datacenter in an ex-NATO nuclear command bunker (click for details). Therefore, as tenants, if this site get's off the ground as is successful, we have access to top-end facilities possibly better than those used by Peabody organisation themselves.

An INTRANET system allows people to work co-operatively on projects between different locations, So don't think of this as 'a website' in the traditional way with only pictures and text; it can be used to DO things... to help you to work co-operatively & can enable for example the TA's to liase, communicate & exchange data with tenants.

Q. Who's building/providing this site? - The facility is provided free by a peabody tenant - the coding and 'backend' will be managed by a team who's credits include communication/management systems for clients including: McCann Erickson (worlds largest advertising agency), The Norwegian Government ('Infotorg' Local Government System), The Bar Association, Royal Sun Alliance Insurance and many more big names.

Also we can setup email boxes for each TA/Estate if required - eg:

Please note, we have the facilities to allow ALL Peabody estates in the UK to have their own section - disk-space & bandwidth is NOT a problem!... there will be NO fees required for running this site project. Also, rest assured, this site project is NOT going to disappear in a year or whatever because someone ran out of money or pulled the plug on it.

Also, Importantly... NO advertising will be required on the site as some sort of 'return favour' or 'special deal', or to cover expenses!

PLEASE lets have some feedback to get this going!! - mail me:

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