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BETA TESTING (27/11/08) - This area is for tenants to add useful contacts for things like services & trades-people as well as any cool and useful resources or just plain good places to go and visit.

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test 07-Jan-09 tenant
test address 1


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electrician. qualified. i found good & helpful. no call out charge. 28-Nov-08 erewhon
Covers centre of London
0798 457 0644

0845 643 2405

Tony Watson covers central London. Residential, commercial, installations. Repairs, maintenance, extra sockets, Garage. Indoors and Outdoors. Nice guy who came out one Sunday evening in dire traffic conditions to connect my third electric cooker. No call-out charge, free estimates. Reasonable rates. 0798 457 0644 OR 0845 643 2405
bobski the builder 27-Nov-08 tenant
32 Letsbe avenue

07900 123 4567

I do good work on your house, I do not read The Sun and drink tea and be rude to your wife while you are at work, but I am a fictional character.
the computer guy 27-Nov-08 tenant
Local guy builds or fixes computers. Free consultation for all peabody tenants - Free repairs or builds for all peabody tenants in receipt of benefits. Whatever your computer problem, call for a chat.

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