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  [TOMORROW 5 JAN HOUSING BILL TO DESTROY SOCIAL HOUSING] - Posted: 04 January 2016 - 02:24 am GMT

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People might want to email or phone their MP 5 January morning, asking them to vote against the
Housing Bill.

It is designed to do away with social housing except as short-term tenancies, to be reviewed every
2 to 5 years. Social housing landlords to choose what rents are, whether by tenants' income, or
according to what area the home is in, whatever. Instead of the current controlled levels and rent
rises. So every 2 to 5 years people's incomes will be investigated by their landlord to see if they
should pay more rent.

All new social housing tenancies will be like this. INCLUDING FOR PEOPLE BEING

I don't know if the new short-term tenancies will apply to people doing HOME SWAPS. Probably.

Councils will have to sell high-value council homes when a tenancy ends.

The Inland Revenue will be able to hand over people's income information to private social
housing providers - this includes HAs and private landlords who do social renting.

This will drive social housing tenants out of London altogether, and if they move via home
swapping, they will end up on the 2 to 5 year tenancy.

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  [RE: TOMORROW 5 JAN HOUSING BILL TO DESTROY SOCIAL HOUSING] - Posted: 19 January 2016 - 07:51 pm GMT
Nik Wood

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We asked Victoria Park's Hackney MP Meg Hillier what is the current position regarding the loss of continuity of tenancy in the case of a tenant "decanted" for works by a Housing Association landlord.

She tells us that Housing Minister Marcus Jones said in the House that "If these tenants are forced to move, eg due to a regeneration scheme, they will retain their existing tenancy rights".

Not an unequivocal assurance, but one which eases our concerns on this detail.

Meg sees Parliamentary opposition as of limited value given the arithmetic. We agree, though more to do with Labour's enthusiasm for internal fighting at the expense or real Opposition.

Nik Wood

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